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Beautiful Meditations 2/3

Beautiful Meditations

Beautiful Meditations 2017 I’ve been trying to shoot a picture like this for years. In 2011, I tried to burn 1000 origami cranes in my parents’ backyard during a blizzard. Except they wouldn’t burn (they got too wet). Since then, my dreamed of making a picture containing these elements: fire, snow, and origami; have remained just that – a dream. Turns out I was missing a key ingredient – gasoline. Balancing Trauma and Catharsis This is my favorite kind of work to make, largely because I get to simultaneously create and destroy. I see this process as my way of …

Cycle of Love Triptych

Cycle of Love

Cycle of Love 2017 Just released! Cycle of Love!!! It’s been six years since I’ve done any work involving origami. This is in large part due to the fact that it took me a whole year to complete the last one, because it involved folding a thousand paper cranes in pursuit of making a wish (Senbazuru). But the thing is, although I always tell people the story of how I made my wish, I hardly ever discuss what I actually wished for. Traditionally a Senbazuru folder is suppose to make some sort of selfless wish, such as: wishing a couple …