BBoy Project

This is my friend Josh, don’t let the corporate getup/friendly demeanor fool you. Josh can be pretty vicious… …on the dance floor.

PAX East 2010

PAX was described to me as the largest video game convention in the U.S. second only to E3 (which is much more of an industry party and has a finer corporate edge to it). I love, love, love nerd culture. I grew up on video games, and have many fond memories watching my brother play Zelda 2: A Link to the Past and fail miserably at beating it (totally not made for 8-12 year olds). PAX was a great experience for me and a total nerd heaven where nerds from all around could come and feel a sense of camaraderie. …

Rolling with Heat

This is my friend Ivan, aka Heat Rock, or just Heat. I have known this guy for years and years now and just a few weeks ago I finally found out his real name. Such is a typical story among bboys, we communicate through our shared common interest for the dance yet seldom connect beyond it. I have found that many bboys prefer not to talk about real life with each other, instead we all find solace in the act of dancing, I’m sure each bboy dances for their own reason. I have had this idea to make work on …


This set of images were inspired by the work of David Hillard, and comic books. I think it’s ironic that although I began practicing photography in a different city, I still feel relate more to the photographers from my city, Boston. I have been trying out different approaches to making work recently and started to make these triptychs. I feel like I am beginning to change my work and approach to art making drastically, and it’s starting to feel exciting to me again.

Unemployed Friends

Moving back to the town that I grew up in has been somewhat of a shock to me. Growing up in a middle class suburb, I feel like my former classmates and myself grew up with the notion that we would all become “successful” with 9 – 5 jobs when we graduated from college. Instead, I returned home after my 5 year absence in college to find that many of my high school friends still remained unemployed, and living with their parents. It kinda feels like high school again, only I don’t have go to class or hide to drink …

New Work

Here are some shots I have taken in and around my parents house. For those of you who are familiar with my work, I guess you could say that this is a continuation of my Ricehouse/Blue Days series. Hope you enjoy!