Arrested Motions

Funny how free time works. When you don’t have any of it, it’s awesome. But when you have a lot, it is no longer free, it just becomes time. When I was folding my 1000 cranes, I would take breaks from the monotonous folding process to make unique “designer cranes” like these. Each one featured a unique design, and are one of a kind. In order to make each crane as precise and clean as possible, I would constantly unfold and refold cranes to make sure the designs I drew fit each crane perfectly.

I found this process both comforting and refreshing, like a shaved ice stand in the middle of the desert that was the long painful process of folding 1000 uniformed cranes. Unlike the uniformed white ones, these were actually kind of fun to do. I would have no idea how each one would actually turn out until it was put together in the end. Consiquentially there are a lot of terrible ones too which I have yet to get around to photographing. I found that In this fashion I was able to try out all these different ideas in a very short period of time. Since finishing the 1000 though, I have stopped making these unique cranes which I kind of miss, but I have been taking a lot more pictures too.

When I was folding my 1000 I often dreamed about all the different projects I wanted to do but didn’t have time to because I had to fold white cranes instead. When I finally finished however, what I found was this gigantic vacuum of free time that I had no idea what to do with. Things are starting to pick up now though, I’ve spent most of the last 2-3 months since I finished to actually promote the work for once and it seems to be finally paying off. This month I will be featured in a group show and a solo show (mostly because I can) . Peep the flyers for both shows below.

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